Pressing All My Buttons

A month ago we were enjoying a very blissful week in the gorgeous, if a bit wet, surrounds of Southwest Australia. There was no phone reception, hardly any internet and no television. There were wild kangaroos and rabbits, bunches of caterpillars, three swings and a tree house at the holiday home we rented. Within one minute of arriving Iris declared “I love my holiday home!” The wet weather meant lots of reading for the grown ups and lots of puddle jumping for Iris. I finished two books in a week, something I haven’t done in three years.

Now, we’re in the midst of a hailstorm of visitors and get-togethers. Not to mention school term has begun, which means that Iris’s activities and mine have started up again. Having to juggle all that and make sure I spend quality time with my family who are visiting from overseas is like taking on an additional job. Not to mention Iris’s birthday is coming very soon, then Christmas and then our own trip back to Singapore and then Iris starts pre-kindergarten.

I think I need another holiday.

Yup, being a mum is never simple.

Press Here by Herve Tullet

Press Here by Hervé Tullet, is simple. Simply brilliant. It only has dots, DOTS! I love dots.

My immediate reaction when I first flipped through it was “what a clever book”! It also has actions and teaches cause and reaction. How cool is that? I never tire of its soothing dots in primary colours and funny cheerleaderish instructions and encouragements. You’ll notice how worn it already is and that’s how much we all love it.






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