Growl With Me

Have I mentioned how much I love the fun in kid’s books? And it won’t be the last time! There’s no need to be reminded about how serious life is. Even glancing at the front page of a local newspaper makes me a bit depressed. Add to the responsibility of taking care of yourself in this chaotic world, the even heavier mantel of taking care of someone else and you’ve got adults who are bogged down with seriousness. So who needs fun more than us parents?

The Story of Growl by Judy Horacek is oodles of fun with only a smidgen of finger wagging and frowning, which only illicit an “awwww” rather than an “ugh”.


Growl is a monster who lives all by herself in a castle at the end of a lane. Her neighbours live in a normal house next door and love having tea with their fancy tea set.

Growl loves growling. “Papa loves playing football, watching football and playing football games. He loves football ALL THE TIME.” And so it is with Growl and growling.


This, however, has a detrimental effect when she causes her neighbours’ to spill tea all over themselves by creeping up and growling at them. They call the police who make a no growling rule and even put up a sign.


Poor Growl is positively depressed. She goes moping all over her castle grounds.


A happy ending is found when Growl, unable to sleep without her growling, surprises a thief stealing the precious tea set with the largest growl ever. Her neighbours are ecstatic and revoke the no growling rule. They all have tea together with lots of growling and running through the monster’s improbably manicured garden after.


When life gets you upside down with things like responsibility and the NEWS, what do you do? Growl! Better than therapy.

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