Tractor Book of Awesomeness

Now I know my childhood was fairly privileged in that I had lots of toys, watched all the important shows (e.g. Muppets, Electric Company and He-Man) and got to eat flavoured ice in tubes. However, I did NOT have one of these books, which I am now convinced would have immured me from all my teenage angst. This and lots of chocolate.

Usborne’s Wind-Up Tractor Book was part of Iris’s Christmas bounty and probably the best buy from my first 25-hour sale. I’m going to need the pictures to tell you just how brilliant this “book” is.

You definitely can’t do this with an e-book!

Tractor Book_cover

Seriously, any book that comes with its own wind-up tractor cannot be anything other than totally awesome, am I right?

Tractor Book_p2

There are three mini-stories and the standees to go with them.

Tractor Book_p3

There’s even instructions for each standee, which are made of thick cardboard (but I wouldn’t leave a toddler alone with them).

Now for the epitome of cool:

Tractor Book_p4     Tractor Book_p12

There are tracks on the book itself for the tractor to run in! Oh-my-good-books! How undeniably amazing is that? After several readings of the simple stories, kids can act it out all by themselves. Or they could make up their own stories.

Check out the video of it in action: Tractor in Trouble.





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