My Baby Can Read!

This reading mum is so bursting with pride I just had to post this. Iris read her first book on her own!

Now, she has been sounding out words for several months already but it’s never been a sustained length of text, just random words. In the last few months, she’s grown familiar with all the letter sounds and can more easily piece them together. She can recognise many two-letter sounds as well like th and sh. So on Sunday, I took out the stack of classic Ladybird Key Words Reading Scheme books that were gifted and have been sitting around thinking she might want to try.


I started the process with the first one, helping her sound out the words. After that, she took off and read the whole book by herself!

Jane and Peter

Then the next morning, I woke up and found her reading the next in the series. I stood outside the door barely able to contain the tears, grinning like a monkey. Then of course I had to grab my phone and take a video. #mybabysnotababyanymore #happyandproudbutsadtoo

Morning read

Does this mean an end to my enjoyment of children’s books? Are you kidding me? She can read but can she do the voices?

AND THEN after that uber intellectual start to the day, in the evening, I heard, “Mama, can you help me? I’m stuck.” She had wedged her head, arm and other hand into the little curve at the end of the banister and was balancing precariously on the stair railing. Nice. #monkeyswillbemonkeys

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  1. Congrats on having a child that reads! Now there is so much to discover by herself. I was amazed at the speed they progress from their first book to devouring whole series.

    She will still love sharing books with you. All our boys are reading but we still read to them every night and they still love that time. We often read them books that need lots of review and explaination ie books they would find difficult to read on their own.

    On the rare night that we are just too tired, one if the other boys read aloud to their brothers. It is amazing to view their preferences in books and watch them discover new things. The hard part is getting enough stuff for them as they get through series super quick. That’s where the library is essential.

    We conciously brought up readers who are in love with books. Here is where all our hard work pays off and they become intrinsically motivated and independent readers.

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