Challenge Accepted

I battled for a few months whether to keep up with this blog as Iris and I are now reading bigger books, some of them really popular titles. However, I’ve decided this is a great way to keep my writing skills oiled for when I can and want to squeeze in proper writing. Also, the original premise of my blog still remains, this is an adult’s opinion of children’s books. Perhaps when she stops asking me to read with her, I’ll rethink this.

So you know how actors love branching out and everybody cringes at another actor/author/singer/painter/chef/lifestyle guru/pig farmer? Well, if you think about it, traditionally, performers have always been multi-talented. Court entertainers often had to sing, dance, act, play an instrument and be funny. Even in the golden age of Hollywood, most actors had to sing, dance and act. So why are we so surprised when people who are artistically inclined, like to express their art through different mediums? Sure, I still balk at taking nutritional advice from an untrained celebrity who has a personal chef or two, but writing a good children’s book is not that far-fetched.

The husband picked this up for Iris about a year ago and we read it in August last year. I have to admit, I really enjoyed it. It’s not Dahl or even Rowling standard of course, but the writing is decent, with sufficiently fleshed-out characters and a rolling plot with a great message. Well done Neil Patrick Harris and I hate you for being so talented. #justkidding #sortof #sourgrapes

It follows the story of Carter whose loving parents disappear when he’s a few years old. He’s sent to live with his dodgy uncle, who like his father, knows how to perform magic tricks. Except he does it with ill-intent. After several years, Carter grows weary of Uncle Sly’s tricks and thievery and runs away from him. He comes to the town of Mineral Wells where he nearly gets in with the wrong crowd again but then meets Mr. Vernon, magic shop owner, who introduces him to his adopted daughter Leila and her group of friends, all with a passion for magic, all don’t quite fit in with the other kids. The story follows the familiar are where they get through a problem together and vanquish the bad guys.

I also like how he’s sprinkled neat tricks and puzzles throughout the book so it’s really interactive as well. Iris liked learning how to flip coins between her knuckles and decipher the hidden messages.

A great, easy read especially if you’ve got a boy who is resisting reading.

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