Being True to Oneself

I have to admit, I was in two minds about Pippi after reading the first book. She struck me as arrogant, conceited, inconsiderate and belligerent. This was especially after reading the circus scene. Her complete disregard for authority was rather grating to me as a parent. However, I also had to admit that she was fearless, loyal and unafraid to be herself or disregard anyone who rejected her. Thus when Iris became so enamoured of her that she wanted to dress up as Pippi for book week this year, I agreed. Also because it was a fairly easy costume (or so I thought at the beginning of the year). See my handiwork above. I love YouTube for random, very specific instructional videos (the hair).

Then we read the second installment, Pippi Goes Aboard, and I fell in love with the forthright girl with superhuman strength and the equally big heart. She was still very stubborn and a bit full of herself, but she also showed how generous she could be and how she loved making everyone happy, especially her two BFFs. I got a bit teary at the end.

She makes a wonderful role model for those who are a bit timid and need that boost of confidence. Or for those who are over-confident to the point of selfishness. I would advise reading both books consequetively so that the overarching lessons come across better. Or you may get some defiance at the end of the first one.

This complete copy of The Adventures of Pippi Longstocking is on my TBB list (to-be-bought).

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