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I try to make good gift choices for the small people in my life. Especially now. No plastic, nothing disposable, no craft items that will just get binned in the end. (Of course I still sometimes succumb to the singing, laying chicken, but that’s more to annoy the unfortunate parents). The best gifts IMO are well selected books. In this current situation, this book is particularly salient. 

Oliver Jeffers’ work is generally pretty amazing. If you didn’t fall in love with the boy and his penguin in Lost and Found then I think you’re either a psychopath or missing a large part of your brain. With Here We Are, it’s a bit like a super condensed encyclopedia with way cooler art work and very succinct wording catered to the very young. It gives a broad overview of what it means to be human and what it is we need to take care of – each other and this earth we live on. 


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