Heya, I’m Angela, mum to Iris (2.5), a very voluble bundle of adorableness I can’t seem to stop smothering with kisses. Apart from having only one backside to clean, the one thing I miss the most from my pre-mama years is time to read. In the last two and a half years, my reading rate has halved and the pile of unread books is steadily growing (as obviously my penchant to buy books has not slowed one bit).

However, as I was reading to Iris one day, I realised I had also added a newfound appreciation of children’s books to my many skills. While adult fiction writers have to perfect their voice, prose, dialogue and plot, with children’s books, it’s much more subtle and in some ways, much more difficult to get just right. Rather than beautifully crafted words, it’s how simple words are used to the best effect. Plot is brought right to the forefront because if you don’t grab a two-year-old’s attention from the get-go it’s bye-bye book. The moral of each story can be obvious but a good book does it in a way that leaves you with the pleasantest of tastes. Not to mention all the amazing illustrations that are sometimes enough to blow any two or forty-year-old away. I love pop-ups and feely books and other such “action-packed” books, but the ones I love best are the simple but perfectly told and illustrated stories.

This blog is a simple appreciation of the lovely books (both famous and not so) I come across as I teach my daughter to love reading and books as much as I do. It may not be an exhaustive bibliography or clever reading list or witty review or anything remotely useful, but maybe if you’ve secretly enjoyed reading and rereading (again and again and again) your kid’s books as much as I have, you’ll understand what this is all about.

PS – I may, from time to time, sneak in stuff about my other passions (cooking/baking and knitting), but not being that ace at them, probably not too often.


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