The Giraffe and the Pelly and Me and my Love for Roald Dahl

Back when I was in primary school (don't even think of asking when that was), I was a regular of what I remember as our tiny library. I favoured fantasy and shunned anything based on real life. I found Nancy Drew and The Famous Five irritating in the extreme, which is ironic given my current... Continue Reading →

A Girl After My Own Obsessions

Almost every woman I know has iterated, "Please kill me if I become like my mother," or something to that effect. Now as a mum, however, I take devilish delight in seeing my offspring take on little bits of me. Julia Donaldson (The Gruffalo) and Nick Sharratt (Shark in the Park) have teamed up several times to... Continue Reading →

Say what?!

The other day I asked Iris what she was doing. "I'm doing something," she replied. "What?" I pressed. "Trust me." Generally, when one reads a children's book, one expects to find a weird or clever tale, something perhaps to make your little one think or learn about safe topics like colours and manners. Some times though, one... Continue Reading →

How to Annoy Your Children 101

Let's face it, not one parent would honestly say that parenting is easy. There are easy babies, well-behaved children and sensible teenagers, but it is never, ever "easy". So we're always open to any kind of parenting tips we can get (except from our mothers). Even when those tips actually take a major pee pee... Continue Reading →

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