Getting All Arty Farty

It's been about 2.5 months since my last post. We've had a pretty major happening in our nuclear family, which I'm still deciding whether to talk about. Also, I have been INSANELY busy. Every morning I wake up feeling hungover without the good part! Then there's Paris. I am not going to go into that because... Continue Reading →

Mixing Up a Storm of Happy!

Combining art and humour in educational children's books is what acclaimed children's author Hervé Tullet is all about. We fell spot over dot from the moment we picked up Press Here (see my review here). So when I saw he'd done a sequel I knew we had to have it. Thanks to one of my bestest, most... Continue Reading →

Pressing All My Buttons

A month ago we were enjoying a very blissful week in the gorgeous, if a bit wet, surrounds of Southwest Australia. There was no phone reception, hardly any internet and no television. There were wild kangaroos and rabbits, bunches of caterpillars, three swings and a tree house at the holiday home we rented. Within one minute of... Continue Reading →

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